Strengthening WASH basic infrastructure,….

Hope implemented project on Strengthening WASH basic infrastructure, resilience and livelihoods in return areas in Talafer Ninewa, Iraq, for three years from December 2018 to December 2021. The activities of this partnership with care international covered the following:

  • Providing awareness sessions to the community about WASH sensitization sessions. (856 male and 950 female)
  • Rehabilitation / construction of water structures. (7 water channels for 5 different districts)
  • Conducting Vocational trainings for the community (100 training)
  • Providing business start-up kits. (20 kits)
  • CFW wages and providing tools, equipment and protective clothes. (130 PERSON, 58 male , 72 female)
  •  Providing legal services (LHL). (32 IDS for women 8 men and 78 children)
  • Legal awareness raising sessions for community. (70 women 102 men)

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